Georgia Peach and Her Puppies

Georgia Peach, with her belly full of puppies, found herself in a high kill shelter in Georgia. The Sanctuary at Haafsville received the call to save her. Diane Cimo, the owner of Bow WOW & Meow, stepped up and agreed to foster her. The terrified, soon to be mom arrived emaciated and infested with fleas. After days of labor, a C Section was performed and nine precious puppies were born. We were told to expect a few pups to pass away, given how malnourished Georgia Peach was.

Diane reached out to Jayne Anne Bissell, another dedicated Sanctuary volunteer, for guidance and help. The pups were weighed two times a day to make sure they were gaining weight. Georgia Peach was fed numerous rotisserie chickens and high nourishment food to keep her from crashing.

All of the puppies made it! After two weeks of very little sleep for Diane, Amanda Kline took over the fostering. The adorable little pups were still nursing and being bottle fed. They turned into precious little healthy babies.

After three weeks of bottle feeding and little sleep for Amanda, the litter was split into different foster families, 2 pups to each household. The puppies are now available for adoption! They are cuddly, playful, full of love, and thrilled to be alive.

Georgia Peach is living with Diane once again. She is full of fear, has never been on a leash, and is just learning how to use steps. She is slowly being transformed by Diane’s love and patience. Diane takes her to work, given her separation anxiety, where she sleeps peacefully under Diane’s desk at Bow WOW & Meow all day long.

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